Vinoline: wine data on online retailers
Platform of analysis of traffic and online wine offer (UK, China, France)
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Traffic measures of online retailers

Compare the traffic measures of websites: total number of visits, time spent, bounce rate and page views per visit.

Wine Offer of online retailers

Compare the traffic measures of websites: total number of visits, time spent, bounce rate and page views per visit.

Analytics for Market Analysts

Analyze your presence and compare to competitors. Metrics: numeric distribution, avg. price, share, avg. wines.

Analytics for Marketers

Identify emerging player. Discover the strategy of online retailers. Increase your digital market share.

Vinoline Traffic: Traffic metrics of online retailers

  • Countries

    We monitor all online retailers selling wines from China, the UK, and France. We will add soon additional countries such as the US.

  • Channels

    What is the weight of each actor per metric? Select the measure you want to know the leaders per channels (pure players, cross-channels...).

  • Merchants

    You will be impressed by the amount of information you get from our analyses. Simply select the online retailer you need and enjoy what is displayed.

  • Total Visits

    You want to know the metrics of online merchants (Total visits, Average Visit Duration, Number of pages viewed per visit, Bounce rate

  • Avg. Visit Duration

    Vinoline offers you the possibility to compare and follow the evolution of each individual's weight.

  • Pages per Visit

    Follow the trends of the online merchants selling wine by metric. Analyze seasonality impacts by actor.

Vinoline Offer: Wine offer audit of online retailers

  • Brands

    Track Competition, balancing your wines portfolio. You can display any dimensions you would like to analyze: brands, wineries, orgins, varietals, retailers.

  • Origins

    What is the market share per countries of origin. Display data upon level of granularity: wine regions, groups of origins, Protected Designations of Origin / GIs.

  • Retailers

    What is the percentage of points-of-sales where your wines can be found in? Choose the distribution channels (on-trade, specialty stores, onlin merchants, grocery)?

  • Presence

    Are your wines available at the right place, at the right time? What do your competitors do, and how can you learn from that and/or differentiate?

  • Price

    What are the average price? Let's compare pruces with your competitors? Which vintages impact the most?

  • Number of Wines

    What is market share of each one? You can know the average number of wines per point-of-sales, as well as the total wines.

Online retailers

  • We track online retailers that sell wines

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • All wine-selling websites are monitored per country. We are constantly enriching our bases. The online shops could be specialized (selling wines & spirits only), non specialized (selling wines but also other products), or cross-channels (they could be wine shops, grocery stores that also have launched their e-commerce website).

Million data points

  • We partner with a digital market intelligence company that analyzes more than a billion data points every single day

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • With or partner, we work with a wide variety of sources to create the most accurate and reliable picture of the wine digital world. All of this data is fed into data processing servers where we turn millions of daily data points into insightful information. Our data comes from 4 main sources: see Methodology


  • Data collected helps us to constantly improve our learning set, fine tune our algorithms and reach accurate estimations about traffic stats

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • Our data comes from 4 main sources: 1) A panel of monitored devices. 2) Local internet service providers (ISPs) located in many different countries. 3) Our web crawlers that scan every public websited, and 4) Hundreds of thousands of direct measurement sources from websites, and apps that are connected to our partner directly.


  • Our analytics enable you to uncover your competitor's online strategy, benchmark yourselves, and grow your digital market share

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • For Analysts: map your competitive landscape, discover emerging players, identify & predict trends, support your market expansion, evaluate marketing spend & ROI. For Marketers: benchmark performance, reveal winning strategies, optimize your user acquisition strategy, target the most relevant audiences.


  • See overall visits, time on site, bounce rate, and page views per visit. Build a successful marketing strategy

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • Traffic & Engagement Metrics: benchmark websites to see how well you are really doing in terms of overall visits, time on site, bounce rate and page views per visit. Traffic Sources: discover the sources that generate traffic to any website - referrals, search, social and display. Unveil their acquisition strategy to find new and proven ways to grow your business.


  • You can seach specific websites, retrieve data per channel: pure players online, not specialized online, online + wine Shops, online + grocery retailers

    Loren CAPILLON CDO at MiBD
  • Every report in Vinoline is made up of dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are attributes of your data. The tables in most analytics reports organize dimension values into rows, and metrics into columns. In most analytics reports, you can change the dimension and/or add a secondary dimension.